Global Game Jam – Before

So at the weekend I took part with 3 friends in the Global Game Jam in Hull, which took place at the very well organised Hull Studio (though having turned up early 3 of us had to help with set up). I'm going to detail 3 elements of the the Jam and what I took... Continue Reading →

Beginning A New Game

When I began creating this new game, a few ideas quickly formed in my head about what to make; the theme, the genre, the characters etc. The first thing that I did was spend a day going through the 2D sprite sheet tutorial that I posted previously. After I learnt the basics I had a... Continue Reading →

It Lives ….

After two or so days of work my game now works as a game. By which I mean you can score and die and then play again without it breaking on you, which for two days isn't too bad. There is still a lot of work I need to do in terms of graphics and┬átransitions... Continue Reading →

XNA – 2D SpriteSheet Animation

Let's kick off with this tutorial. In my last term at university, I learnt about SpriteSheet animation in Javascript. When I began developing my new game, I knew that this would be the next step up, to take my game to a new level. It seems like something so little that it wouldn't make such... Continue Reading →

And so it begins …

Hello there, my name is Adam, and this is the beginning of my blog. I am a games developer and studying┬áComputer Science at the University of Hull. This first question you might ask is why am I starting a blog now and the second what is it for. Well as for the first I have... Continue Reading →

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