And so it begins …

Hello there, my name is Adam, and this is the beginning of my blog. I am a games developer and studying Computer Science at the University of Hull. This first question you might ask is why am I starting a blog now and the second what is it for. Well as for the first I have just begun developing a brand new game for Windows 8 and thought that during it’s development would be the best time to start talking about the developmental process and the highs and lows of creating a new game (in this case in two weeks). Also, with a major development competition coming up this week ( it’s a good chance to show what is out there for other students to take part in.

Now, to the second question, what is this blog for. Firstly, a little bit more about myself. Two years ago, I had never coded a single thing, not even “hello world”, and yet now I am looking at developing games for the Windows 8 store and mobile and have found what I want to do with my life. I want to share with other developers and students, the hopefuls and the successful, how I got to this stage and what I’m doing to progress further.

This blog may be a little empty for now, but hopefully I’ll be adding more and more helpful links and tutorials to help you develop your skills making games.

Have fun and happy coding 😀



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