XNA – 2D SpriteSheet Animation

Let’s kick off with this tutorial. In my last term at university, I learnt about SpriteSheet animation in Javascript. When I began developing my new game, I knew that this would be the next step up, to take my game to a new level. It seems like something so little that it wouldn’t make such a difference, but it’s that moving character, that dancing fire, that spinning coin that can really give a game the feel that makes it so addictive and memorable to someone who plays it. Everyone knows the spin of Sonic or the jump of Mario, and that’s just a simple SpriteSheet.

With this in mind I had a look around for a tutorial and found this (http://coderplex.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/2d-animation-part-1-basics.html). This is a fantastic tutorial not only because it shows you how to do 2D SpriteSheet animation, it also sets up the classes so that you can use them in every game you make from then on, with a bunch of handy methods and types that just make it a fantastic tutorial. As long as you’ve used classes before it should make sense (as well as giving you access to the source code to check you’ve understood), but make sure you’ve got used to the basics of 2D graphics beforehand.


5 thoughts on “XNA – 2D SpriteSheet Animation

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    1. Well I used this tutorial and thought it was fantastic, why would I write my own when I know everyone could learn a lot from this one that already exists 😀

      1. it shows you know it well enough to teach it – which is important ’cause I feel like if I can’t teach someone how to use something I don’t know it as well as I think – and means you’re not giving away hits to someone else?
        also means your entry’s longer and more interesting 😛

  1. Ha, I’m talking about spritesheets in our global game jam prep lecture today (among other things).

    As always our students are one step ahead 😉

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