Privacy Policy

Windows 8 Applications This Application does not collect any personal information This Application does not connect to any online service This Application does not contain any other features that could allow users to unintentionally share their personal information. This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Betajester collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected... Continue Reading →

Saving and loading your game, the Windows 8 way

While nervously awaiting the verdict on Cardiac Arrest and my application, I went about fixing some things that I was unable to fix beforehand. First and foremost, the main thing that broke when converting my XNA game to a Windows 8 app using MonoGame was my save game method. After some rooting around and playing with variables... Continue Reading →

Cardiac Arrest

In the dark, seedy underworld of an urban jungle far    away, an ex-detective returns home to find his wife missing,  presumed kidnapped, and his old case files strewn around town. Only by searching high and low across the many districts of the city can he hope to solve the case of his missing love... Continue Reading →

Global Game Jam – During

After all the setup mentioned in my previous post, and several talks from Simon Grey and the Global Game Jam 2013 keynotes, my team and I found an empty room downstairs, plugged in, turned on and started coding about 5.15pm on Friday 25th January. We each started with the basics, myself working on a menu... Continue Reading →

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