Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest


In the dark, seedy underworld of an urban jungle far    away, an ex-detective returns home to find his wife missing,  presumed kidnapped, and his old case files strewn around town. Only by searching high and low across the many districts of the city can he hope to solve the case of his missing love and track down the criminal(s) responsible, but with only his instincts to go on will he find the missing cases, or will his journey be cut short by the villains that await him as he ventures deeper into the abyss.


Cardiac Arrest, a gritty, noire, story driven searching game for ages 16+. This early version features the first level of the game and shows off many the main features;  the HUD, tile engine, rain particle engine, level design (which Josh worked on) , the searching for cases, the use of the heartbeat to find them, scoring and timing, title screens, menu system, end game scenario, sprite animations, collision engine (which I worked on) to name but a few . The full story is being developed by our crack team of professionals (myself and the venerable Josh Porter) and will be implemented shortly, with a whole host of features to make the game just that little bit more exciting. Of course if you have an suggestions or questions of your own I would be more then happy to listen.


This Windows 8 application (using Monogame and XNA) has been designed for the desktop or laptop, with a look to porting it to Windows RT and Windows Phone in the near future. Keep an eye out for further posts and updates.

Happy searching!

Adam B


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