I will get something published

This is my ambition for the summer. I will, not if, ands, or buts. No excuses, something will end up on some store somewhere for someone to (or not to as the case may be) download. 

I have started a new game which I’ve been toying around with for a while, but going back to XNA since the lofty heights of OpenGL has proved rather irritating. I never knew how much I could miss a fundamental type until I had to use ints instead of floats to define positions. If you weren’t sure, it’s not fun, especially when trying to make collisions work and not randomly fail for no apparent reasons. I’ll find some way to make it work (double for loop boolean gates here I come).

In the mean time I’ve been trying to make a decision based on the basis of this post “I will get something published”. Is it better to just get something published, so say a simplistic version of a game, or to wait until it’s far improved but risk not having the game published, as well as the game becoming more complicated and having the chance the fail tests? I’m feeling just getting something simple but very polished is better than fleshing out the game play, that should probably be a secondary consideration. I may start doing this with a Three Thing Game ethos: “Keep it simple, if it isn’t necessary don’t add it”. Either way, I’ll keep you posted (because I’ve been doing that regularly).



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