Super Pong

I finished this a little while ago, but I never got round to posting about it. Let me present to you “Super Pong”; the most complex, intelligent and detailed game in existence. Okay it’s not, it’s pong. To be fair, it’s pong with pretty colours, touch, mouse and keyboard control, and a pretty decent A.I. opponent, so to “some” extent it could be called Super Pong.

Moreover, the reason I made and released Super Pong was to realise the dream I had at the start of the holidays; to get something released on the Windows store. So I set out to make something without getting lost in all the little extras and additional features that usually end up distracting me.

I finished it all up in Visual Studio 2010, chucked it across to 2012 and used MonoGame to change it over, made sure it worked, added all the necessary Windows 8 extras (marketing images, logos etc), ran it through the app certification kit and then sent it off. Unsurprisingly it came back with a few issues and bits missing, most notable no touch control and no privacy statement, as outlined in my previous posts.

Having gone through each fault or issue individually I sent it off again. I sped through the initial stages having already done them once and the changes were minor. After a few hours my game passed the initial stages and moved through the remaining stages to release that evening. It appeared in the store the following morning and since been downloaded 88 times, which I think isn’t too bad for a first time release.

So if you’re just want to get something released, go simple and you can definitely get it done pretty swiftly. Plus, I’ve learnt a lot about the process of getting an app released, which is going to really helpful when trying to get games released in the future.

If you’re interested, you can find the game here:





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