It’s my blog, but not as we know it

Today’s blog post is mine, but it has not come from this blog! As part of my role as Windows Games Ambassador, I have the opportunity to come up with posts to be seen by developers the world over. I thought to my self what sort of things have I been looking into recently, trying to find information on, and I realised a fair chunk of my time has been spent looking into funding.

I’m hoping that myself and my team will be able to get BetaJester up and running at the end of this academic year, so any information on funding sources and stories is invaluable. As such, I decided the best thing that I could write about would be my journey, so that the next avid developer questing for financing would have a starting point and be able to follow in my footsteps, if I’m successful, or learn from my mistakes, if I can’t manage it this time around.

I also wanted to let people know what tools I’ve been using and what experiences to get to where I am right now. Hopefully this will give people a level from which they can measure themselves and where they are at, as in doing much less than I am at this point, or much more (which, knowing how much I’m trying to cram in, would be very impressive!).

Either way, you can check out my blog post at A Student’s Quest for Funding Part 1-An Introduction. Have a look, let me know what you think! I still need to do a write-up on Three Thing Game, GaMaYo#7 and Platform 2014, so keep checking this blog for more from me and for more info about my quest for funding!

Happy coding!



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