The Meatly Jam!

Side stepping from my usual posts, which are generally either tutorials, games I’ve made, or experiences I’m sharing, today I want to talk about an oppurtunity coming up at the end of March.

If you follow this blog you will know that I have attended many game jams (technically eleven at this point), which I believe qualifies me as some what experienced. As such, I offered my experience of game jams to help a friend organise his own. This friend happens to be The Meatly of / @TheMeatly fame. You may have seen his comics posted around the internet, or seen his name alongside Microsoft as a sponsor of the Indie Games Conference 2015 in London (which looks like it is going to be fantastic). He was looking to host a game jam and I offered to help, and now we have The Meatly Jam

The Meatly Jam will be occurring from 5.00pm (GMT) 27th March – 5.00PM (GMT) 29th March (12.00pm – 12.00pm EST). The theme is “All things TheMeatly” and contestants will be provided with assets from the Meatly to create fantastic new games in the time period to compete for awesome prizes. A lot of things are still behind closed doors at this stage, so there is no announcement of sponsors, judges, or prizes yet, but all good things come to those who wait.

I highly recommend signing up to this event so you get updates as they come in. This is a fantastic oppurunity, not only to make some more games, but to get your name out on to the international stage. The Meatly might not be incredibly famous over here (yet), but they are much bigger in America (remember they are sponsoring #IGC15!) and this jam is already gaining a lot of traction.

I look forward to jamming with you all!

Happy coding,





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