An Indie Christmas …



Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house
Not a peripheral was stirring, not even a mouse!
To a family party the developer had gone
To talk of Christmas and gaming from dusk until dawn.

When a young boy came up to the developer and asked
“What games have you made in the year past?”
The developer considered all he had done;
The software for money and the games for fun.

One game he released came straight to mind,
Though the downloads were few, the reviews were kind.
“Check out my game” the dev said with a smile,
“It’s got levels and quests, it might take you a while.”

While the dev got his phone and his new game ready
The boy said to the dev “I’ve played this already!”
“One of my mates found your game on the store,
He plays it a lot, he even has a high score!”

Stunned at the news the dev asked many questions
Like how did he find it? Does he have any suggestions?
This was first time that someone unknown
Had downloaded his game all on their own

So while you may fear your game won’t be played
There’s a chance for all titles be they free be they paid.
As long as you love games the future is bright!
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!


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