Tranzfuser – Dev Blog #0 – Prologue

You may have noticed I’ve been absent from this blog since Christmas. With numerous events, expo’s, meetings, contracts and having to move house twice, I unfortunately did not find any time to blog about the work I’ve been up to. That being said, I did find time to apply to Tranzfuser, the new talent development programme brought to you by the folks at UK Games Talent and UK Games Fund, and wouldn’t you know it BetaJester got accepted!

We will be kicking off our 10 weeks development time on Monday, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get back on the blogging horse (so to speak) and keep everyone up to date each week about how development is going.

So let’s get you up to speed with our idea. We’re developing a brand new seafaring exploration game called (drum roll please) …. Here There Be Monsters. Players will be given their own planet to explore, upon which they’ll find towns and ports willing to trade all manner of resources to help the player build bigger and better ships, which will make it possible to traverse the vast oceans and discover the lands that lay beyond the horizon.

Obviously this idea is at a very early stage, but I’m looking forward to sharing our developments with you over the next 10 weeks. So be sure to follow this blog, @adamb1234 and @BetaJesterLtd for more updates as they happen!

Happy sailing,



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