Tranzfuser – Dev Blog #1 – You da real MVP

Monday 4th July marked the first day of the Tranzfuser programme, well the first day as far as BetaJester go. Our first day saw us head out from our office in Hull over to the Digital Creativity Labs in York. We also took our 4th team member George Marshall (a PhD student at the University of Hull) with us to get him up to speed and set out what we wanted to work on.

Adam and George on the way to the Digital Creativity Labs in York on Monday
Adam and George on the way to the Digital Creativity Labs in York on Monday

We met the hub manager and team, we spoke to team Escalate about their project, and we spoke to some of the people based in the Labs themselves, including Mark Johnson of Roguelike Radio.

Of course, this was day one of fifty (not including weekends) in the Tranzfuser programme, so we decided to set out our plans for the next 10 weeks. We decided on two things: what we were going to make first and what we needed to decide before we knuckled down.

We decided our should be to develop a Minimum Value Product (or MVP for short), which would represent the most basic, core functionality of our game. We discussed which elements would go into the MVP and how long we wanted it to take. We have settled on two weeks, meaning our first build with all core functionality should be complete by the 19th July, leaving us 39 days to pull together the rest of the demo. At that stage we’ll be able to share more about the game itself.

The second element we discussed was which parts of the games were still open for discussion and what our decisions were going to be. This included elements such as secondary mechanics and the games narrative focus. We continued to have discussions about these elements for most of the week before we decided on what we wanted, but no spoilers yet. I’m hoping that once our MVP is complete, we’ll be able to set up an initial marketing pack including the title track, a synopsis of the narrative, screenshots and, if we’re lucky, concept art, but that’s about a week and a half away. Until then, keep following @_HTBM for updates.

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