Global Game Jam – Day 3 and Summary

After my three hour sleep (see power nap) from 4.30-7.30, it was time to begin day 3. This day was much more focused on a sprint to the finish than anything else, but lessons were learned all the same. 1)¬†Work hard, work fast, cut the fat For me having a working game is more important... Continue Reading →

Global Game Jam – Day 2

The second day began as most days during Global Game Jams begin; an early morning forty minute walk to the venue. This could be a good time to reflect on what we want to achieve in the day, but is a better time to be too tired to say anything and go into the first... Continue Reading →

Global Game Jam – Day 1

Over the last weekend (24th - 26th Jan 2014) was Global Game Jam 2014 which I took part in as BetaJester with my team mate Josh. I meant to blog about the event as it happened, but several occurrences meant I never really had time, so instead I'm writing in reterospect. The way I'm going... Continue Reading →

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