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TripWire – Available Now!

Our game is called TripWire, a fast and frenzied search for tokens while avoiding enemies and lasers and shooting your way through an entirely destructible map, but be careful, the more walls you destroy the more likely it is that … Continue reading

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Adding a Privacy Policy (and other settings) to an XNA Windows 8 game

One of the reasons my app failed to get certification is because of a lack of a privacy policy. More specifically, a lack of a privacy policy accessible in game. Some quick research showed up that this is an issue … Continue reading

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Touch in XNA in Monogame

So unsurprisingly the initial version of Super Pong was rejected on a selection of grounds which means going back to deal with them one by one. Some of them have been small changes, while some have involved me learning new … Continue reading

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Saving and loading your game, the Windows 8 way

While nervously awaiting the verdict on Cardiac Arrest and my application, I went about fixing some things that I was unable to fix beforehand. First and foremost, the main thing that broke when converting my XNA game to a Windows … Continue reading

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