Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 15 Unity3D C# 2 Months

Description :

Geometrix was a mobile game developed by myself and the team at BetaJester, currently available in the Google Play Store. It’s a blend of old-school pong and an integrated audio system that directly affects gameplay! You move as a rotating block of columns that acts as your shield against attacks. You and your enemies can fire a various assortments of weaponry at each other in an attempt to break down thorugh to their ‘core’. If your core is hit, you are defeated. I’m sure you’re asking “but what about the integrated audio?”. When you fire your weapon, if you fire on the apex of the beat, you will launch a supercharged shot that sends multiple projectiles towards your enemy making it exponentially harder to avoid! As you progress you will be able to unlock new levels that come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of high octane chip-tunes. Each level changes your standard cube-column shields to match the varying shapes of each level, providing less and less protection.

Personal Contribution:
Level design, audio mechanics, lighting mechanics, scripting, UI, Google Play API integration, game play design

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