Grid Wars


Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 10, TortoiseSVN XNA Studio 4.0 C# 24 Hours

Description :

2D Disc-Based Fighter

We had 24 hours at Three Thing Game Jam to make a game based on the word involved the words Tron, Disc, and Speed. The game play is in the style of the disc battles that occur in the films Tron and Tron Legacy. Your opponent becomes more skilled as you progress, but you only have the three lives you begin the game with. You are also able to customise the colour of your player and disc when you begin to add a sense of personality to your play.

Personal Contributions :

The Menu and Menu Backdrop, the Sound Effects, the Transition Effects, the UI Design, the Grid Space, the Discs and Their Customisation,

Game Goal :

Defeat each enemy to get the high score!

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