Seeing Is Believing


Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 13, Team Foundation Server XNA Studio 4.0, Lidgren Network API C# 48 Hours

Description :

“Blind” Trust 2D Networked Maze Game

Our entry to Global Game Jam 2014 was Seeing is Believing. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. We turned this into a networked maze game where Player One can only see the room/tile they are in and those they have been in previously, while Player Two can see the entire map and has the job of guiding Player One to complete an objective. For Player One that is just to get out alive, but for Player Two that could be to save Player One, save them with low health or to kill them. Only using the text chat system, Player Two must convince Player One to trust them enough to follow them to salvation or death. This game took us to the finals of the Global Game Jam Hull Region.

Personal Contribution:
Implementation of the networking (Server/Client Side), Map Setup, Hidden/Visible system, Text Chat System, Menus and Transitions

Game Goal :

Player One has to get out alive while Player Two has to make Player One trust them enough to satisfy their hidden objective.

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