Taurus: Space Command


Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 13 XNA Studio 4.0 C# 4 weeks

Description :

3D Space Fighter

This was our fifth entry to Three Thing Game, this time we had to make a game using the words Spacecraft, Hand Grenade, Ring of Power. I had recently been dabbling with 3D Development, so we created our first 3D game. Taurus: Space Command is a large scale space fighter featuring multiple game modes, ranging from the Collect The Rings and Collect The Rings Race where you hunt for rings across a large city, to the much larger War and Battle modes, where you and a fleet of up to forty allies combat and opposing force up to forty enemies above a glowing lava planet.

Personal Contribution:
Player Movement, AI Movement, AI Logic, Weapons Logic, World Space setup, Map setup (of Models, Planets, Asteroids etc), Sound Effects, Menus and Transitions.

Game Goal :

Fly in space to complete your objective (depending on game mode)

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