The Event


Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 13 Unity3D C# 48 Hours

Description :

First Person Exploration Game

This was my team’s entry to Global Game Jam 2015 (you can see the entry page here). You wake up in a strange room with no idea of how or why you are there. You leave the room to find an unfamiliar surrounding. As you explore, you find objects that you can use to affect your surroundings, but after a few minutes the world seems to end and you are returned to the first room, but not as yourself. Can you figure out what what happened and where you are? Can you prevent the event?

Personal Contribution:
Level design, level implementation, lighting mechanics, scripting, door mechanics, object mechanics, world time mechanics, game play

Game Goal :

Figure out how to stop the bomb from exploding by learning more every life.

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