Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Coding Time:
Visual Studio 13 XNA Studio 4.0, Monogame C# 3 weeks

Description :

2D Maze Based Shooter

This was our forth entry to Three Thing Game, this time we had to make a game using the words Lasers, Trap, and At Midnight. With these we created TripWire, a fast paced maze game where you collect objects while shooting down enemies and destroy walls while trying not to set off any trap enemies hidden inside those walls, all within one minute. When it hits midnight the lights go down and the giant enemies come out, at which point it becomes all about getting out alive. With an arsenal of weapons and intelligent opponents, it is clear to see why we won our first game jam with TripWire.

Personal Contribution:
Player Movement, AI Movement, AI Logic, Weapons Logic, Map and Maze Setup, Destructible Walls, Lasers and their Effects, Sound Effects, Menus and Transitions,

Game Goal :

Find all the collectibles before time runs out, or make it out alive

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