University of Hull – Accommodation Block


Developed in: Engine: Code Language: Project Time:
Visual Studio 15 Unity3D C# 4 Weeks

Description :

Over a period of four weeks I worked with a small team to create a Virtual Reality Tour of the University of Hull’s new accommodation block. We built it using the existing architectural model, adding small extras to make the site appealing to new students by recreating how their room might look or how the grounds will be kept. Prospective students can walk around the accommodation block with each, as the tour implements networking in the virtual space so that users can see each other’s avatar. Students are shown around the building by a a tour AI developed by us, which can be completely customised for any touring needs; including (but not limited to) voice, text, and images. Our work is praised by the University of Hull and has now been implemented as part of their open day programme, whereby new students are shown the tour, not only to show off the in-development accommodation block, but also to demonstrate what the students of the University of Hull can do.

Personal Contribution:
Performance testing, networked interaction, lighting mechanics, scripting, AI touring, room design

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