I speak at events, both as a solo speaker and as part of panels, on a variety of topics I’m well versed in. Here I’ve listed those events and my role in them:

Date Topic Event Type Link Media
16/08/2018 Life After Tranzfuser: What Comes Next? TALK Tranzfuser Speaker https://twitter.com/Tranzfuser/status/1030102358372634625 TALKTranzfuser
12/07/2018 Starting a Start-Up: Learn From Us Develop 2018 Speaker https://www.developconference.com/whats-on/2018-speakers/speaker-detail/adam-boyne Video Coming Soon
29/06/2018 Running Your Own Games Company: Q&A East Riding College: Games Careers Day Interview https://twitter.com/adamb1234/status/1012700537165266945 EastRiding
14/04/2018 The Indie Panel – Making it as a Freelancer or an Indie Developer EGX Rezzed Panel https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-04-11-creative-assembly-bossa-and-jagex-headline-egx-rezzed-career-bar Dav-o8nWkAA2HZY
24/01/2018 The Future of Reality Bending Games GamesForum London Panel https://twitter.com/GeorgeOsborn/status/954338115975569408 DUZZWtgW0AEOvO9 (1)
23/09/2017 DIY – Do-Indie-Yourself EGX Panel https://twitter.com/SerKnowles/status/911941854664495106 DKfeR1hXkAEVC2e
13/07/2017 History of BetaJester Creative England: BEMORELEEDS Speaker http://creativeengland.co.uk/events/be-more-leeds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgBl-WfwLIs
28/10/2016 Breaking into the Industry: What You Should Be Doing Aardvark Swift: Get In The Game Tour Speaker http://gradsingames.com/get-in-the-game-careers-events/get-in-the-game-speakers-2016/ N/A
30/10/2014 Imagine Cup Aardvark Swift: Get In The Game Tour Speaker http://gradsingames.com/get-in-the-game/day-seven-get-game-2014/ N/A

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