Hello there, my name is Adam. I am a games developer and studying Computer Science at the University of Hull. This first question you might ask is why do I have a blog and the second what is it for. Well as for the first I develop games for Windows 8 and other platforms and thought that during the development of a game is best time to start talking about the developmental process and the highs and lows of creating a new game and the tips and tricks that I have learned so I can pass that information onto others like me so that they don’t have to routing throughout the internet to find hidden tutorials.

Now, to the second question, what is this blog for. Firstly, a little bit more about myself. Before I went to University, I had never coded a single thing; not even a simple “hello world”. Yet now I am looking at developing games for the Windows 8 store and mobile and have found what I want to do with my life. I want to share with other developers and students, the new hopefuls and the already successful, how I got to this stage and what I am doing to progress further.

I will always be adding more and more helpful links and tutorials to help you develop your skills making games, so keep checking back for further developments!

Have fun and happy coding :D



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