TripWire – Available Now!

Our game is called TripWire, a fast and frenzied search for tokens while avoiding enemies and lasers and shooting your way through an entirely destructible map, but be careful, the more walls you destroy the more likely it is that a giant, angry enemy will jump out and chase you down! And make sure you find everything and make your way out in the minute before midnight, because when midnight rolls around the monsters come out and the lights turn off. At that point forget the tokens and make your way out as quickly as possible.

You have an arsenal to help you on your way; a pistol to break down the walls slowly but surely, a machine gun to wipe out enemies but a long reload time, an assault rifle to quickly take out enemies, and a laser rifle to blitz through walls in those emergency situations.

We at BetaJester have just released our first major game on the Windows Store and would love to hear what you think. So grab a copy and give us a shout šŸ˜€

Download it here!



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