Simplicity is the key

Through the last few posts there has been a theme of a simple game that can be published sooner or a complex game that has more that could go wrong. Seeing as usually we go with the second one and end up with either a half finished game waiting endlessly to be finished, or a game that fails to be approved the first time and is never fixed, this time I decided to go with simplicity; more specifically the simplest game that I could make which in this case was Pong (or to make my game seem cool and edgy “Super Pong” … -cough-). Anyway, I have had updated pong idea in my head for a while now, and the development of that idea has begun with a very basic pong game, building on the one I made in my first year, but now with hierarchical classes, menus, and a lovely BetaJester splash screen with jingle.

As I write this the game has currently passed 2 of the 4 tests before release on the Windows app store, with a third in progress. The excitement of actually possibly getting something published on the app store out ways the fact that it is not my best or the best I have taken part in. Besides, with the ability to patch and update the app I will certainly be working on it to add the features I had planned. But in terms of getting something published for the first time, watch this space over the next couple of days.


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